In this book we focus on the effect of mechanical deformation on hydrogen storage properties of metal hydrides. We will review the mechanochemical techniques of ball-milling (BM), Cold Rolling (CR) and a few severe plastic deformation (SPD) techniques such as Equal Chanel Angular Pressing (ECAP) and High Pressure Torsion (HPT). A common result of these techniques is the formation of nanocrystalline or amorphous structure along with the formation of defects and increase of grain boundaries density. Such structure change may lead to enhanced mechanical and chemical properties: in the present case hydrogen sorption properties. For example, defects could act as nucleation points for hydrogenation while grain boundaries could act as fast diffusion pathways for hydrogen.


Jacques Huot (Département de chimie, biochimie et physique, UQTR)

Maison d'édition


Date de parution

Juin 2016

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